Paivi Nettamo

Senior Program Director of Environmental Policy & Communications

Photo of Paivi Nettamo

Paivi serves as PEC's primary point of contact for the Department of Energy (DOE) and its Management and Operating (M&O) contractors in areas relating to EM policies and interactions with Federal, State and local organizations and stakeholders. She provides program advice and support to DOE and its M&O contractors. Paivi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Related Support Services from Clemson University. With experience serving clients in commercial industries and government agencies, Paivi is seasoned and skilled in media relations, event management, communications strategy development, branding, crisis communications, internal communications, creative messaging, video production, stakeholder outreach plans, social media, business development, email marketing, and communications liaison roles.

Paivi spearheads several big communications initiatives as an onsite contractor at the DOE headquarters in Washington, D.C. Her achievements as PEC’s Communications Director include managing the sleek redesign of a $6 billion Cold War cleanup program’s website, steering a broad public relations campaign following two incidents at a federal nuclear waste repository, and devising plans to keep stakeholders informed of a DOE proposal to accept used nuclear fuel from another country.

As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act $1.6 billion government stimulus program at the Savannah River Site, Paivi oversaw contractor public affairs efforts, which included launching a “Road to Recovery” tour for job seekers and establishing a communications system that more than 6,000 employees could use to express work-related concerns. As a Senior Communications Specialist at Fluor Government Group, she was an integral member of a team that landed an $8 billion management and operations contract. In the end, Paivi’s accomplishments in Aiken, S.C., shaped her into the recognized creative and quick-thinking, senior-level management communications and marketing professional she is today, with over 13 years of professional experience.