National Security & Intelligence Services

PEC brings over 20 years of experience supporting the security needs of Departments and Agencies of the United States Federal Government, encompassing a wide spectrum of services which includes emergency management, counter proliferation, nuclear material security support, Federal Agent support, paramilitary-style security training, marksmanship, Federal law enforcement, security policy development, personnel security processing, continuity of operations, continuity of government, and intelligence analysis support.
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Areas of Expertise

The support described encompasses a number of areas of expertise employed in support of PEC’s clients. These areas include:

Physical & Information Security

  • Policy Development for Critical Asset Protection
  • Asset and Facility Protection Support
  • Information and Personnel Security
  • Site Protection Strategies Planning
  • Multi-Agency Coordination

Emergency Management

  • Strategic Plans Development
  • Incident Management Training (National Incident Management System-Compliant)
  • Curriculum Development
  • Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program-Consistent Exercise Program Support
  • 24/7 Emergency Operations Support

Intelligence Support

  • Intel and Analytical Support
  • Intelligence Briefings and Reports
  • Outreach and Info-Sharing with Intel Community Partners
  • Expertise in Mission-Relevant Threats

Continuity of Operations

  • COOP/COG Program Development
  • Presidential Policy and Federal Continuity Directives Compliance
  • Business Process Analysis & Business Impact Analysis
  • Test, Training, and Exercises
  • Relocation and Devolution Planning


  • Planning and Execution Support for Radiological Emergency Response
  • Immediate Response in Support of Radiological Assistance Programs
  • Nuclear Forensics Program Support

Nuclear Security

  • Federal Mission Convoy Support and Field Medical Direction
  • Emergency Medical Training, Paramilitary Training, and Training Technology Project Support
  • Training Instruction for Federal Agents and Candidates
  • Operations Planning and Curriculum Development

Skills and Services

These Areas of Expertise are accomplished through employment of a range of relevant Skills and Services which include:

  • Classified Information Management
  • Security Clearances
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Curriculum Development
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Program Management
  • Nuclear/RAD Response
  • Intelligence Briefings
  • Personnel Security
  • Emergency Operations Center Watch Support
  • Intelligence Collection
  • Continuity of Government
  • Exercise Support
  • Nuclear Materials Control
  • Protection Services
  • Paramilitary Training


PEC’s National Security & Intelligence clients are responsible for critical mission functions essential to national security and the nation’s energy infrastructure. These programs include the following:

Federal Agent Training

PEC’s Security Instructor Corps is made up of more than 50 full-time employees and part-time associates who provide a wide range of extreme and rigorous paramilitary style security training including live fire, explosive breaching, and close quarters combat training for the Federal Agents, some of whom are tasked with safeguarding the control and transportation of government-owned special nuclear materials across the nation’s highways. The training that our instructors provide to Federal Agents includes:

  • Basic Firearms
  • Designated Marksmanship
  • Special Response Force (SRF)
  • Tactical Response Force 420 II
  • Live Fire Shoot House
  • Law Enforcement Control Tactics
  • Small Unit Infantry Tactics
  • Emergency Vehicle and Off-Road Driving
  • Surveillance/Detection
  • Close Quarter Combat Techniques
  • Scoped, Precision Rifles
  • Less than Lethal/Combative Techniques
  • Intermediate Use of Force
  • Lethal Force
  • Urban Warfare
  • Explosive/Ballistic/Mechanical Breaching
  • Vehicle Assault Operations
  • Specialized Weaponry Skills

Intelligence Research and Analysis

Offering a wealth and depth of experience in Intelligence Research and Analysis, PEC provides full-time intelligence support teams to develop a Common Operating Picture to assist Senior Management and mission commanders, providing critical support operational decision making and threat mitigation. Examples of threat portfolios include Domestic Extremism/Terrorism, Criminal Threats, and International Threats/Terrorism.

Emergency Management and Emergency Operations

PEC provides technical, operational, analytical, and programmatic support in Emergency Management and Emergency Operations. Among its many support functions, PEC assists Federal Departments and Agencies in providing overarching emergency management support, guidance and direction. Among specific support functions, PEC’s support includes the following:

  • 24/7 Emergency Operations Center
  • Security Clearance and Access Processing
  • Emergency Management Issues Special Interest Group
  • National Level Exercise Planning and Execution
  • Training and Curriculum Development
  • Unified Coordination Structure
  • Continuity of Operations
  • Continuity of Government

Counterterrorism and Counterproliferation

PEC supports Counterterrorism and Counterproliferation programs through a wealth of analytical and programmatic support functions, and in maintaining an array of deployable teams capable of responding to any incident. PEC further assists Federal Departments and Agencies in managing nuclear counterterrorism programs directed against potential terrorist nuclear threats, ensuring essential functions are carried out even in the event of a disruptive incident or emergency. PEC’s expertise includes:

  • Nuclear Incident Team Membership as Assistant Coordinating Officials
  • SMEs During Exercises and Responses to Nuclear and Radiological Incidents
  • Integrated Support Team
  • Nuclear Forensics Program Support
  • Consequence Management
  • Classification Support and Controlled Unclassified Information Support
  • Derivative Classification and Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information (UCNI) Reviewing Official (RO) Support

Safeguards and Security

PEC provides site-wide technical security related management support functions in a secure environment protecting critical national security assets. The on-site PEC Team comprises fully qualified personnel to implement security programs that protect the Department Headquarters staff, information, technology, facilities, and the public. PEC provides a full range of security program services including performing assessments and reviews of security programs, on-site vulnerability and threat assessments, Safeguards & Security (S&S) policy development, reviews of implementation and/or effectiveness of S&S programs, and can conduct reviews of specific security capital asset projects or upgrades. PEC provides a full range of support in the following areas:

  • Establishment and Termination of Security Areas
  • Classified Conference Management Support
  • Security Clearance Processing Unit Support
  • Foreign National Access Support
  • Fabrication and Issuance of Shields and Credentials
  • Operate Headquarters Security Officer’s Classified Mail Stop

The PEC Team provides support that includes Classification and Information Security Support (assist with implementation of U.S. Government information control programs to prevent the release of information regarding weapons of mass destruction and other data that could lead to damage of the Nation’s energy infrastructure); Personnel Security Support (physical, technical, and information security for facilities in the National Capital Region; database maintenance for personnel security and clearance processing activities; headquarters’ personnel security program management and the administrative review process; and Security Enforcement Program administration related to classified information violations); and Program Support (technical and administrative assistance support to analyze, develop, establish, and promulgate S&S technical and operational security policy, procedures, and standards, to include Operations Security (OPSEC) and Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI) programs.