Karen Bolen

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) & Senior Vice President of Corporate Services

Photo of Karen Bolen

Karen is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Senior Vice President of Corporate Services of PEC. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Towson University and a Masters of Business Administration from Hood College. With close to 20 years of accounting, contractual, and human resources experience, she has a proven track record of quality and efficiency and has developed into an expert in the use of the Deltek GCS Premier accounting system. Karen has been with PEC since close to its inception, rising from staff accountant, contracts manager, human resources manager, Controller, to CFO/Sr VP. Through her career ascent at PEC, she has been a continual driving force in the success of the company.

In her role as CFO, she provides corporate leadership in all financial areas as well as recognized credibility for PEC to banking institutions, government clients, auditing agencies, and business partners. She is also an integral part of PEC’s bid and proposal efforts, particularly instrumental in the development of a wide variety of cost proposals and management strategies. In her role as Senior Vice President of Corporate Services, she oversees business operations (such as space and facilities management and expenditure oversight), contracts, and human resources.