Information Management

PEC's Information Technology (IT) Group provides technical support services to PEC clients as well as the PEC Business Lines. IT is involved in all professional services that PEC provides.


The IT Group provides a wide range of commercial services, including:
  • Web Application Development (ASP/.Net, C#, Javascript, etc.)
  • Web Application Hosting
  • Web Site Design and Development
  • Database Development, Management and Administration
  • Computer-Based Training Development
  • Graphics Development
  • Video Editing
  • Information Portal Development, Hosting, and Administration
  • Video Teleconferencing Services
  • Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) Services
  • Online Document Collection Indexing and Search Functionalities

Additionally, the IT Group is responsible for all of our corporate IT operations, including server administration, email hosting, BlackBerry support, cyber security, disaster recovery, network storage, end user support, website hosting, and remote access services. The IT Infrastructure enables our employees to work at maximum productivity from any location.


Some examples of recent IT Group efforts include:

  Development and hosting of the Joint Convention Information Portal. This portal supports Spent Nuclear Fuel experts from several federal agencies as they focus on safety issues involved with storing Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste.

 Development of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Federal Employee Occupational Safety and Health (FEOSH) Annual Training Module for the DOE Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS)

 Development and hosting of a Corporate MicroStrategy Business Intelligence (BI) Platform. Our analysts can create dashboards as well as reports for clients using this latest BI technology