PEC is a skilled and experienced leader in professional communications, connecting strategy to precise, effective, and actionable messaging through marketing materials, social media, conference/tradeshow planning and support, and other communications tools, such as news flashes and newsletters. We know how to integrate direct messaging, technology, and graphic design concepts and strategy into a powerful communications plan to help clients achieve the highest measure of success. Outstanding communications are central to PEC’s core mission and support to our clients, and we bring the skills, expertise, and experience to each and every product and project that we support.


Marketing Materials / Communications Tools

PEC creates, develops, and produces a wide range of communications materials and strategies that resonate with target audiences including the public, stakeholders, regulators, Congress, and state and local governments, resulting in a unique brand for each client. Types of marketing materials include brochures, newsletters, presentations, tradeshow displays, videos, slideshows, web design, and training programs. From conceptual design to the final product, PEC supports program communications by using our team of experts with both commercial and government experience.


Our clients consistently rate us as highly effective and successful, as demonstrated by our number of repeat clients and follow-on contracts. Such honors are significant to PEC, but we believe that the positive feedback our clients receive from their stakeholders is an even more important indicator of our successful communications support.

For example, recently the US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Environmental Management (EM) headquarters attained an A+ grade for outreach to local governments and communities in a report by the Energy Communities Alliance (ECA).

Clients that we have provided communications services to include DOE EM, DOE Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS), DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and DOE Office of Legacy Management (LM).

Office of Public Affairs Support — US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Environmental Management (EM)

PEC serves as a communications lead at EM. PEC has demonstrated strength in producing inventive communication ideas that ensure powerful and clear messaging to the public and EM stakeholders. Such communications include producing creative communications ideas and materials that resonate with the target market and result in a unique brand for the organization, supporting communications in all EM mission units by using our team of experts from across the DOE industry. From the conceptual design to the final product, and integrating direct messaging, technology, graphic design and strategy into a powerful communications plan, PEC has helped EM achieve the highest measure of success. (These efforts helped EM attain the A+ grade for outreach to local governments and communities mentioned above.) Connecting strategy to precise, effective, and actionable messaging through marketing materials, social media, and other communications tools, such as press releases, news flashes, and newsletters, has been a top priority.

EM Press Releases: http://energy.gov/em/press-releases
EM News Flashes: http://energy.gov/em/news-flashes
EM Newsletters: http://energy.gov/em/newsletters
EM Project of the Month: http://energy.gov/em/project-of-the-month

EM Website — DOE EM Office of Public Affairs

PEC was instrumental in coordinating the EM website transition to the new energy.gov content management system. In the development stages, PEC worked with individual EM staff and EM program offices including interfacing with EM subject matter experts in their areas of expertise and developed website messaging in an integrated, consistent, and informative manner for public consumption. We worked with EM's Information Technology (IT) group to construct and create the new website within the required structure and format of the energy.gov platform, utilizing available technology and applications. PEC currently maintains all upgrades to the EM website, including additional data transfer, graphics development, innovative animation, and up-to-date content.

EM Website: http://energy.gov/em

Asset Revitalization Initiative (ARI) Communications Support — US Department of Energy (DOE)

PEC serves as the experienced communications lead for the DOE Asset Revitalization Task Force, an initiative focused on sharing lessons learned from DOE’s long history of asset revitalization and improving the effectiveness of land, asset, and facility transfer, and beneficial reuse. Communications activities include developing ARI briefing packages and marketing material for DOE senior leadership, including the Deputy Under Secretary of Energy and the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management, producing monthly newsletters, developing ARI’s public website, and managing internal communications — all in coordination with DOE public affairs and congressional and intergovernmental affairs.

ARI Website: http://energy.gov/ari

Recovery Act Communications — DOE EM Office of Public Affairs

PEC created a variety of communications to convey EM's accomplishments and job creation in the Cold War cleanup through its $6 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Program.

PEC developed and implemented a range of engaging communications to effectively inform stakeholders, from members of Congress to taxpayers, throughout the Recovery Act program years. Professional newsletters, news flashes, and high-level message cards resonated with this target audience, keeping stakeholders thoroughly informed with consistent messages about the acceleration of nuclear cleanup and job creation.

PEC managed the EM Recovery Act program’s newsletters, news flashes, and message cards from start to finish. The skilled team of expert writers, editors, and graphic designers produced colorful monthly newsletters packed with photos and graphics and consistently delivered timely news flashes on breaking news about significant Recovery Act achievements. The handy message card, a communication product PEC frequently updated and initially created, helped EM officials uniformly highlight to stakeholders how much Recovery Act funding EM had spent, the number of workers employed, and the value of contracts to small businesses. These communications provided in-depth, important information, helping reduce the number of inquiries about the program.

Recovery Act Mission: http://energy.gov/em/mission/recovery-act
Recovery Act Press Releases: http://energy.gov/em/recovery-press-releases
Recovery Act News Flashes: http://energy.gov/em/recovery-news-flashes
Recovery Act Newsletters: http://energy.gov/em/recovery-newsletters

DOE Earth Day Celebrations — DOE Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS)

For the past 5 years, PEC has developed and implemented the US Department of Energy’s 2-week-long Annual Earth Day celebration in April, culminating in an outdoor event on the Headquarters Forrestal Plaza in Washington DC that is open to the public. DOE Earth Day on the Plaza includes more than 75 “green” vendors, live music, hands-on demonstrations of green technologies, refreshments, a “Children’s Village” (concurrent with National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day), and a formal program of guest speakers. PEC solicits vendors to participate in the event, provides graphic design support of all print materials including poster boards, table-top agendas, handouts, and brochures on the main event. PEC also monitors the display booths and coordinates all logistics for the event, including coordination with DOE security, public affairs, and facilities management; Washington DC Department of Public Works; and entertainment solicitation, stage design, and management. Earth Day on the Plaza is attended by approximately 1,500 DOE employees, visitors, and guests each year.

US Department of Labor — Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

PEC provided conference support to the Seventh EU/US Joint Conference on Occupational Safety and Health in July 2012 in Brussels, Belgium. PEC assisted OSHA by updating and researching the information of the 27 European countries to develop the US Delegation background book, creating artwork for book covers and conference materials, as well as revising artwork for imprinting on promotional items. PEC also provided conference management and facilitation services such as: electronic registration; development and management of a conference website; managing the US/EU Secretariat office; maintaining the conference information desk; coordinating the agenda and onsite logistics; interacting with vendors; assembling and developing conference materials, as well as the conference final proceedings.

DOE Annual Facility Representative (FR) and Safety System Oversight (SSO) Workshops

PEC provided support to the Annual Facility Representative (FR) and Safety System Oversight (SSO) Workshop held in Las Vegas, NV in 2010, 2011, and 2012. PEC provided logistical management, development, and the design of meeting materials, posters, brochures, and awards, as well as on-site support for the event. A web-based approach allowed for online participation from remote locations throughout the workshops.