Tom Hull

Senior Vice President of Business Strategy and Proposal Management Services

Photo of Tom Hull

Tom serves as PEC’s Senior Vice President of Business Strategy and Proposal Management Services. Tom, a former Naval Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer, holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Villanova University, and a Master of Science in Technical Management (with an emphasis on project and organizational management) from Johns Hopkins University. He attended the Navy’s Nuclear Power School and is qualified as a Chief Engineer on the D2G Reactor Plant. As our Proposal Manager, Tom provides expert consulting services to companies competing for government contracts. Tom draws on more than 24 years of government service to provide the technical, acquisition and project management experience to evaluate government request for proposals and craft winning responses to those proposals. His support includes serving as proposal and capture manager, developing win themes and teaming strategies, leading and serving on proposal color team reviews, writing/editing major technical proposals, developing quality assurance plans, risk management and mitigation plans, transition plans and developing program and project management plans.

Tom draws on more than 24 years of experience in program and project management; risk management; research and development; nuclear safety; regulatory and construction oversight; acquisition, contract and earned value management; and support of government nuclear operations and facilities. His expertise includes nuclear materials management and disposition, facility operations, deactivation and decommissioning, and environmental remediation and cleanup of legacy nuclear waste sites. Tom, a former federal employee, has served on more than two dozen federal source evaluation boards (SEB) which provides him insight and understanding of what SEBs expect and demand from winning proposals. He has also lead more than 20 proposal teams and efforts with a significant win rate. He leads a team of former federal employees and managers with significant procurement and acquisition planning experience to provide full service client support.